Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. General terms

The website https://www.iconographytoday-shop.com/ is an e-commerce store trading artworks and other items relating to visual art via the internet (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”), created and operated by the company named “Cinnabar IKE” (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), seated in Athens, Greece, 34 Ilioupoleos Street, 11631 with VAT no. 801139728 and Tax Office 17 of Athens with General Commercial Registry (G.E.MI.) number 150008601000, and telephone number for customer service:  210-90.11.600. For email communication, the contact form available on our Website may be used, or alternatively, the Company may be contacted at the following email address: cinnabar2019@gmail.com.

This Website was created to offer art lovers from all over the world the possibility of acquiring works of art, either selecting from products in stock or by commissioning others and completing the purchases online via the internet.

Any user who visits the Website and makes use of the services of the e-commerce store (hereinafter referred to as “visitor” or “user” or “customer”, depending on whether the activity is limited only to a visit to the e-commerce store (e-shop) or also extends to orders and purchases of products and services), is hereby deemed to consent to and unconditionally accept the following Terms and Conditions of Use without exception. The use of the Website implies full knowledge of the Terms and Conditions of Use at any given time. The Company reserves the right to modify or freely revise the Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”) whenever it deems it necessary and without prior notice. For the convenience of users of the Website, whenever the Terms are modified, the date from which the new Terms are valid will be provided either at the beginning or at the end of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Our Company takes special measures to protect against malware or automated software in accordance with the relevant laws and technical advice of internet security experts. Apart from these protection measures, the Company is not responsible or liable for any damage that users of our Website may incur from its use, and no guarantee is provided concerning damages of any kind that the user may incur as a result of malware.

Our Company assumes responsibility for the commercial practices that govern the sales transactions of the products sold. The Company is not responsible or liable for any damage, either total or partial, to the products sold which may be incurred during the transportation of goods to the customer. The customer carries the risk of any or all loss or damage of goods in transit. If the customer wishes to insure the products purchased, the relevant cost of the insurance premium will be charged to the customer, and this wish must be declared before the order in question has been sent,

  1. Intellectual Property

All contents of the Website are registered assets of its creators. All original compositions or creative reproductions of existing or traditional images featured on the Website are the intellectual property and assets of their creators. Original artworks or original copies of original artworks are signed by the artists who created them. Reproductions of original artworks are also numbered by the artists. The buyer of a work of art has the right to use it in accordance with copyright law.

Specifically, it is forbidden to reproduce or copy featured artworks by technical means, even for non-profit purposes. Photos of artworks featured on the Website, regardless of whether the artworks are available for sale or have been placed on the Website as indicative samples for the sole purpose of informing interested buyers and assisting them in the selection of appropriate artworks according to the customer’s preferences. Downloading or saving photos or images from the Website is strictly prohibited. The acquisition and possession of an original artwork or a signed reproduction of an artwork by the buyer allows the buyer to possess it and display it in private as a single copy. In no case does the buyer becomes the owner of the work’s copyright. As a result, the reproduction of works featured on the Website by technical means is prohibited.

The software used to create and operate the Website is the property of its creators. The website only holds a software license, according to the terms of its creators.

  1. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law, the laws of the European Union (EU) and International law. All disputes arising directly or indirectly from the Terms or the use of the Website are the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, Greece.

  1. Terms of Sale

Placing an order requires the completion of a specific order form on the Website with the required personal information of the user. The required information is necessary for the shipment of the products and for tax purposes. Upon completion of an order request, a confirmation email will be sent from our Website confirming the successful completion of the order. Please make certain that you receive the order confirmation email. If you think you did not receive it, first make certain that it has not been saved in the junk or spam folders of your email account. If you have not received the confirmation email, please contact us using the contact details at the beginning or end of this Terms of Use document.

Every transaction on this Website is governed by these terms. Completion of the entry form confirms the user’s consent to all Terms of Use without exception, and the successful completion of the payment is considered sufficient proof of the legal capacity of the customer or user.

  1. Personal Information and Security Issues

Our Company is fully committed to the protection of transactions between the Website and its users, as well as to the protection of the personal data of its visitors, users and customers. We always make certain that we have the latest software updates, which we use, as well as very strong passwords. Our Company does not interfere with the payment process, nor does it store relevant data. It simply accepts the confirmation of payments made by the electronic payment service provider. We recommend that users make certain that the address bar of the internet browser they are using displays the lock symbol which proves their secure encrypted communication with the holder of the digital certificate and that the latter is the approved and expected holder of the counterparty server. Users are required to use modern software, fully updated with the latest updates as provided by the manufacturers of the relevant software in their electronic devices when using our Website. The personal data that is filled in on the relevant forms during the placement of orders, as well as other data which may have been provided in other communications, are maintained exclusively by the managers of the Company and no third party has access to that information, with the exception of those responsible for: 1) the proper functioning of the Website, 2) the processing of orders, 3) the fulfilment of tax obligations. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us for clarification. Users who have registered their data on the special access form have access to the data which is stored by the Company, and have the right to request the modification or deletion of that information by the Company, unless specific information is required to be maintained by the Company for a specific length of time by tax legislation. Dr. George Kordis is responsible for the processing of personal data.

The Company will not transmit the personal data of users to third parties for any reason, nor will it make use of a user’s contact details to promote the Company’s own sales without explicit and prior user consent. Contact details will only be used for the processing of the specific transaction requested by the user and for which the user has provided the relevant data.

The user agrees that all of the above is sufficient and in accordance with generally accepted security rules and regulations. The Website is available to users “as is”, and the Company assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by the user from use of the Website. If you have any doubts or disagreements, please do not use the Website and contact us.

  1. Product Data

We make every effort that all data provided on the Website be complete, understandable and correct. Data changes may occur at any time. However, when an order has been placed and the payment has been completed, the information recorded on the order applies. Changes to orders may be made by mutual consent and in good faith.

  1. Email Communication

Our Website intends to send emails to those users who explicitly state that they wish to receive information via email with regard to available products, promotions and services offered by the Company. In each email there will be a specific link which allows users of the Website to easily and immediately select the option to stop receiving such email communications in the future.

  1. Cookies

The Website uses cookies necessary to save your preferences for cookie settings. In addition, cookies can be used to record internet addresses (IP address) and geo-location data to record the broader area from which a user communicates for tax purposes. Neither the Company nor the Website is responsible for cookies that may be used by the CRM with which our Website has been built (wordpress) when such cookies are deemed necessary for the operation of the Website. The Company declares that all unnecessary cookies will be disabled with the exception of the abovementioned cookie which records the broad geographical area of the user for tax purposes.

  1. External Links

The Company will include links to websites controlled by the Company, as well as to others that are controlled by third parties. The Company cannot guarantee anything with regard to the content of third-party websites, nor does it assume any responsibility for damages that users may incur from the use of such third-party websites. The distinction between Company-controlled websites and third-party controlled websites will be made clear.

  1. Product Shipments

Orders will be processed as soon as possible in order of priority of completion of the final stage of purchase, which is payment. In the event that you do not use the automated service and wish to avoid delays, please include a description along with your deposit including the surname you used when placing your order.

If the Cash-and-Collect payment option is used for in-store pickup, you will be notified by email about the possible days and hours for pickup.

Delivery times of products to the final recipient cannot be accurately predicted, nor can the Company assume responsibility for any delays beyond the usual delivery times.

Shipping costs are determined by your choices as selected during product selection and the order completion process.

  1. Returns

The current legislation of the General Directorate of Consumer Protection of Greece and the European Union applies. Currently, LAW 2251/1994 (Government Gazette 191A’) is in force, as it was codified by Ministerial Decision No. 5338B – 17/01/2018 (Government Gazette 40B’). The recipient of the products has the right to return products within 14 days of receipt. Within 14 days, recipients must notify the Company of their intentions in writing or by email: cinnabar2019@gmail.com. The recipient must then return the product in its packaging. It is not necessary to justify the wish to return a product.

The amount paid will be refunded within 10 days of receipt of the returned product by the Company, which will neither withhold nor retain any bank expenses for the relevant transactions. Shipping costs paid for delivery of the product to the recipient are non-refundable. The return service of the product is of the recipient’s choice and the recipient is charged with the return shipping costs.

In order to return the amount paid for the product upon its return to the Company, the Company must confirm that the product has been returned unopened and sealed inside its original packaging. This restriction applies because the main value of the product is artistic and this measure prevents the possibility of the artwork being copied or reproduced by technical means and then returned. The return can also be made in person at the headquarters of the Company following communication with the Company via the contact details provided below in order to arrange for an appropriate day and time for the return.

  1. Sale Prices

Sale prices are the final retail prices. Consequently, the prices include the Greek VAT (24%) because at the present time an exemption from governing regulations applies in cases where the value of transactions falls below the limits set by Law no. 2859/2000 where VAT is applicable. In other cases, where VAT is not applicable, the same price is considered as including customs costs and any taxes of third countries for reasons of procedural simplification. If you are  a professional based in a country of the European Union (outside Greece) who wishes to operate in that capacity, please do not follow the automatic payment process but rather contact the Company so that an appropriate invoice with the reverse VAT charge can be issued at the appropriate amount.

The Company’s contact information is as follows:

Tel.+30) 210-90.11.600, email:  cinnabar2019@gmail.com Customer Service Representative: Ms Loukia Synodinou.

Latest revised Terms of Use: 12/05/2021